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Our History

When did we start?

In 2016, the president of Club Readership decided to start this company to publish his book and help other authors who were struggling to publish their writing.

What do we do?

We allow the chronicling and preservation of African literature, traditions, customs and wisdom. After all, if this is our home, then where are our stories?

How do we do it?

We have a publishing house with a team that has turned publishing into a craft, and an active relationship with a vastly impactful academic and social community, Faculty of Best Advisory.

What are our values?

We promote a culture of reading, writing and academic triumph. The values we stand for are excellence, teamwork and community.

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We are dedicated to African literature

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Every CR staff member is specially trained to become a professional at their respective field.

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We are well versed with the publishing process and digital skills - critical elements to a successful book publishing.

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You will not find yourself confused by the vast industry of publishing, because we will walk you through every step of the process.