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Flexible Contracts
We understand that authors are human first, and as human beings we have different needs. Tailor your publishing contract exactly to what you need.
Years of Experience
We have published more than 59 books and have perfected the craft of turning your manuscript into a book that your fans will be delighted to read.
Step by Step Support
You can rest easy knowing that every step of the process will be clear and guided. With your help, we can create a great book!
CR Publishing
Let us handle every step of publishing your book. We will ensure that your story is error-free, ISBN registered, well type-set and has an engaging and personalized cover. You won’t want to publish anywhere else again.
CR Publishing
Hybrid Publishing
Pick and choose the specific services you need from us and reduce the stress of working with many different contractors. We have various specialists available for anything you will need regarding the publishing of your book.
Hybrid Publishing
Self Publishing
For the writers who are already well-versed in publishing and just need assistance printing, we have an arrangement ready for you. If your manuscript checks all the boxes, then your book will be published in no time!
Self Publishing

We’re here to help your book come to life. You’ll find everything you need, from editing to cover design, ISBN to printing - we got you covered.

Don't only take our word for it...


“I decided to empower CR and publish my book with them, and I am happy to say they delivered. They did an excellent job.”

Tshepo Mosiedi


“You guys are the best!”

Taonesesa Karidza


“Club Readership produces quality at a very affordable price.”

Anna Machaka

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