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Club Readership was established in 2016 with the aim to revive and promote the culture of reading, writing and leadership particularly in South Africa and ultimately in Africa.


The CR Magazine is a feature of Club Readership which is aimed at creating a platform for writers to horn their writing skills, and readers to read articles that they relate to which are written in all languages. Club Readership has inherited the responsibility to make reading and writing fashionable and trendy again because in our opinion the best way to liberate a nation is via literature.


CR foundation takes a social approach to solving the national crisis whereby 50 % students drop out in their first year at university,  80% of grade 4 pupil cannot read with understanding.


Purchase the best student guide books and novels in bulk and get workshops from our highly trained authors and leaders. 

Our books are written by highly skilled individuals who right from their lived experienced.

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  • 1 Speaker
  • 50 Users
  • 2 Hours
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  • 100 Users
  • 3 Hours
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To join CR one must fill out the membership form found under The A Team tab, on the ambassadors tab or click here. You will get a confirmation message once the form has been sent and one of our leaders will get back to you. The response will depend on your commitment to reading, writing and coding and availability to volunteer your time under CR Foundation.

This value for publishing a book depends on various factors, especially the number of words, the size of the book and the type of pages to be used. Find out how much it would cost to publish your book here. Or Fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you.


The short and straight forward answer is yes. Everyone is more that welcome to join the readership family and become an ambassador.

Club Readership is a hybrid publisher, you either get to keep all your copyrights or allow us to own 30 % which then gives you the platform to talk about your book in our book sessions, you get access to a student market as we work with many students within the university space. Furthermore, we publish your book on google play store for free, you get 5 copies for free and our pricing is by far the most affordable in the market and we are accessible. Our work is credible. Fill out the form below and get an affordable quotation to publish now

Additional to what we offer, you can get the following add-ons at little cost.

  • Banner
  • Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Training
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Company Registration
  • Tax Clearance

No, we are not hiring at the moment.

Our clients say

"I couldn't have chosen any other publisher, CR understands my needs and can relate to my story, moreover they are very affordable and reliable."
Mapo Phaahle
"Having read about working with other learners to solve problems and build relationships in the process made me believe in the power of teamwork. Thanks to CR."
Hall Read
"Simply the best publishing house in SA currenlty."
Khudani Nekhwevha
"You people who are energetic and a force to be reckoned with, they understand the power of serving and having a teachable spirit"
Emanuel Bonoko
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