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Double Barrel Author

Posted 12/5/2016

                                                            TWO PUBLISHED BOOKS:

                                            A LEARNER’S GUIDE TO ACADEMIC SUCCESS
                                               KATRINA AND OTHER UNTOLD STORIES

Today, the 2nd of December 2016 marked yet another significant milestone in our lives. We are extremely excited to officially announce and inform the Africans in Africa and diaspora as well as the general readership about the new born babies we gave birth to.

Mafule Morelearn Moswane have managed to author the two books mentioned above and Seetja Holdings managed to publish on and the other was published by Muimeli Mutangwa.


The first one is titled A Learner’s Guide To Academic Success, and the second one is titled Katrina and Other Untold Stories.


"I am beyond grateful to the readership that believed in my talent and gifts and demanded that I produce knowledge, which of course, was a dream I was already chasing." Said Moswane, expressing his excitement.

The books will be available from the 23rd of December 2016 directly from me. Communication with regard to alternative distributors will be send in the coming days.

In his own words, Moswane went on to say, " I am dedicating this to all the black children out there; I am dedicating this to all the dreamers who are time and time again told that they are ambitious. I am dedicating this to Africa and her people. In the same breath, I want to assert that, this is but just the beginning, the story is still unfolding, the best is yet to come, and the best pages of our lives are yet to be written...

It has, and it will always be our intentions to be exemplary as leaders in our actions, and therefore none must never have the audacity and the liver to challenge us when we say that, “we have great ideas to live for, we have great institutions to build, we have powerful and disruptive systems to build, and above and beyond everything we have great duties to perform. After all, we are the ones Afrika has long been waiting for.” "

At this point in our life, we are of course, in general, very grateful to the High Powers for guiding us to the realization of this dream. In a nutshell, we thank you for the support in advance!